Innovative Communications Solutions

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EmpiSys Corp provides communications solutions to businesses and organizations to exceed their current achievements, reach new goals, and provide their customers an unforgettable communications experience. Backed up by Doxee (, which has been providing end-to-end Customer Communications Management solutions since 2001, the company, with its experts and consultants can help any organization breach communications mediocrity, and transform itself into an innovative and customer-centric company.  


Member Communications Management

What is Member Communications Management or MCM? MCM is the set of technologies and processes that support the two-way flow of information to the members of a public and private organizations, to achieve their unique goals. Through creative solutions capitalizing on the power of the cloud-based and modular Doxee platform, EmpiSys can provide the expertise and strategic services to enhance general and specific communications to the members.


Transformational Communications

EmpiSys believes that customer communications, through the discreet use of state-of-the-art technology, help each customer not only meet the expectations of the business, but also provide a unique and delightful experience to end-customer. Using insightful communications strategies to meet objectives literally transform the interaction of company to its customers, and vice versa. The resulting interactive process forms a strong and tight bond between the two ends of the communications, one becomes advocates and adherents of the other.